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Aida Nikolaychuk

Ukrainian // Kiev



Aida Nikolaychuk | Аида Николайчук

Aida Nikolaychuk is a well known Ukranian singer who won the third season of Ukrainian X-Factor.

Her story is a Cinderella story of a relatively normal woman that took the Ukranian and international music world by storm.

Aida was born on 3 March 1982 in Odessa, Ukraine. From early childhood she was drawn to singing, music and drawing. She owes her unforgettable singing and winning “X-Factor 3” to her grandmother who instilled in her a love for music from the cradle and helped her develop her talent. She became a soloist in the school choir in the 8th grade. This was her first steps in her creativity being made public.

Initially singing was not considered a serious occupation and Aida decided to move into the fashion world specializing in technology and design in high school and college. In college Aida auditioned for the local hip-hop group, and she was invited to become a backing vocalist. In 2002, she left the group and tried to find a vocal coach but found no one.

Aida is creative and has a delicate nature. She is talented not only in singing, but she also has the makings of a good makeup artist and designer. She often participated in various competitions and won prizes. She graduated from The Vocational School of Technology and Design with a specialty to “Tailor Women’s clothing.”

In Odessa the music scene is so full of underground talent that Aida felt she had no place there. She decided to look for a job as a cashier in a gaming club. This experience led her to be on the X-Factor.

She auditioned for the second season of The X-Factor in 2011. During casting the judges did not believe their ears. They stopped her singing because they were thought that Aida was miming to a recording because her voice was pure and beautiful. They asked her to sing acapella and she blew them away, proving that it was indeed her clean, crystal voice and it was not an illusion but a reality. This video of her audition rapidly gained views on YouTube and she became an overnight sensation.

After Nikolaychuk’s retirement from X-Factor, the video of her performance at the casting show reached a record number of views through the Web video company YouTube. Nikolaychuk then decided to proceed with her participation in X-Factor. She participated in the second season of X-Factor Online. In November 2011, she was announced a weekly winner of X-Factor Online, and on 31 December 2011, she was announced the winner of the X-Factor Online second season. By winning X-Factor Online, Nikolaychuk gained entry to the training section of the show for the third season, bypassing the audition and pre-screening stages.

In 2012, Nikolaychuk was invited to performances in Moscow and Berlin. On 10 October 2012, she was interviewed by imka TV.

Participating in the third season of X-Factor, Nikolaychuk got to twenty-fourth place in the training section of the show in the 25-years and older category. Her category mentor was Igor Kondratyuk. Nikolaychuk then sang for judges including German singer Thomas Anders. After the visiting judges performance, Nikolaychuk was placed in the top rankings for her category, and as one of the twelve top finalists. Also in her category were Evgeny Litvinkovych and James Golovko. She then entered the direct elimination rounds, in which a contestant on the show is eliminated weekly, by vote by the judges. Nikolaychuk was never selected for elimination. On 22 December 2012, she participated in the final show. Her rivals were Aleksey Smirnov and Evgeny Litvinkovych. On 29 December 2012, she was chosen as a superfinalist, and Alexey Smirnov was eliminated from the show. On 5 January 2013, at the Gala concert, Nikolaychuk was announced the winner of the third season of X-Factor. Her performances have been compared to the Belgian diva Lara Fabian.

On 6 March 2013, the news website Segodnya listed the most viewed videos of Ukrainian female singers. Nikolaychuk’s video, with millions of views, took 5th place.

In May 2013, Nikolaychuk visited Berlin. While there, she had photo shoots and spoke at a restaurant, “Peterhof”.

After winning the third season of X-Factor, Nikolaychuk started working with artists in the CIS countries, and signed a contract with Sony Music Entertainment. At the end of May 2013, she presented her debut single and music video, “On Your Planet”, released 27 May. On 31 May 2013, she held her first solo concert in her hometown, Odessa.

On 8 June 2013, Nikolaychuk acted as a visiting judge for Mini-Miss Ukraine 2013.

Aida Nikolaychuk“Female singer of the Year” on the awarding ceremony of peoples rating «Favorites of Success – 2013

Nikolaychuk currently performs in concerts and appearances in the Ukraine.

On 4 September 2013, Nikolaychuk participated in the competition “Promotion”, organized by the Russian television channel Music Box, presenting her debut video, and was selected as a winner.

On 4 October 2013, Nikolaychuk performed at Little Miss World 2013 in Bulgaria.

On 24 October 2013, she had her second solo concert in Dnepropetrovsk and visited “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

On 14 December 2013, was presented a first Aida solo album “My Pod Odnim Nebom”, which contains various singles in music.

On 16 December 2013, it became known the names of nominees for the annual music award YUNA-2013. Aida hit the category “Discovery of the Year”.

By results of national rating «Favorites of Success – 2013» has been recognized as the “Female singer of the Year” due to the amazing support of her fans in the poll.

Aida is successfully touring and pleasing audiences with her performances.

She was the winner of the award “Favorite of Success” and she is a finalist of the national selection “Eurovision – 2016”. Aida collaborates with the best poets and composers. She has recorded her first album and shot 4 video-clips.


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